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    Opening at MHV Tower ClancyJG

    Hey guys, there is a couple opening at MHV Tower working for ClancyJG The listing is here Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
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    Anyone receive anything from the FAA regarding this bid yet, FAA-ATO-17-ATCEXP-52850? I noticed that my company all the sudden had a bunch of openings. But I haven't received anything via email or on USAJOBS.
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    I lost my CTO and Pink Card

    I was out the other night and got robbed at gun point, they took my wallet and cell phone and my wallet contained my CTO card and Pink Card (among other things) that I recieved while I was in the military. Does anyone know how I go about getting replacements? I need to scan them in and send them...
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    How does one go about getting a DoD appointment at a military facility

    Just curious as to how someone would get a job at a DoD facility normally, like I know at ours your pretty much have to known someone there to get hired on, but this is the only facility I've ever been to so I dont know if they are all like that. I'm a military controller here slated to go on...