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    Facility Selection Notifications are going out - who got what

    ok so maybe they are not even close to being done sending out emails!! I hope they have many more emails to send!! Good luck to everyone!! I am parying for anywhere in Florida!!
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    Facility Selection Notifications are going out - who got what

    Well if ATSAT matter so much I got a well qualified score. I could not apply VRA since I went through ATC A school for the Navy and then went into reserve status and i do not have the hours of experience to apply VRA due to my reserve status. So I am sitting here biting my finger nails waiting...
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    Facility Selection Notifications are going out - who got what

    OMG I am going nuts waiting for this email! I am about to start calling all the facilities I asked for and see if I am on anyone's list! lol...Has anyone tried calling HR again see if they will finally just spill the beans?? There is no way I did not get selected since I applied OTS pub4 but I...
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    Anyone Get JAX/ZJX???

    I actually had chosen ZJX as my first choice and now I am thinking that I would rather not get a center so I would totally trade for Pensacola since that is where my husband and I originally met. I should be getting an email soon. I am convinced that I got chosen since I am an OTS applicant...
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    What to wear to PEPC?

    I was born and raised in Miami and I think its an awesome place. Like any other large city, it has its bad areas but you do not need to ever go through these places if you dont need to!! The beautiful parts of Miami and its beaches are where its at!! SO I agree with you CL4TKoff!!
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    Facility Selection Notifications are going out - who got what

    Re: emails are going out! who got what???? Can someone tell me the email address that the email came from so I can keep an eye out??
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    ATC Hours

    Do the working hours differ from a small tower to a busy tower and to a Center?? Do all towers work crazy night hours?? How bad are the hours at a center? Just wondering since I want to make sure this is what I want.
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    Geo Preference Advice

    9-AMC-AMH-AVIATION-CAREERS@FAA.GOV that is the email from which I got the geo pref
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    Miami Center - ZMA

    Re: Miami ARTCC ZMA - FAA Miami ARTCC 7500 N.W. 58th St. Miami, FL 33166 (P) 305-716-1500 (F) 305-716-1614 Let me know who you spoke to so I can give them a call too and get a tour before I leave Miami Jan 4. Also let me know what you find out!! Good Luck!
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    Miami Center - ZMA

    Re: Miami ARTCC I don't know but since they really need bodies and since I only chose Fl on my geo pref I may end up with it too. It would be great in a way since that is my hometown and I would like to move back after spending a couple years in PA but I am terrified of getting there and then...
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    Miami Center - ZMA

    Re: Miami ARTCC Well I was hoping for Miami and then I changed my mind when I read this article. and there is a section under the "represent" forum about how bad it is...
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    New Orleans Lakefront Tower

    So how do you find out what level a facility is??
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    Represent - whats your background

    Re: Represent I went to Navy ATC A school and graduated back in 2006. Now I am applying OTS since I only have this training and no actual experience. 06/30/2008: Applied PUBNAT 4, 5, 6, 7 09/1/2008: Authorized AT-SAT: 09/11/2008: AT-SAT Score 90.3 11/26/2008: Geo Pref email -Hopefully FL...
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    Ramp Tower Question

    Re: Ramp Tower Question. HELPPPPPPPP Where did you find this listing for ramp tower controller in FL?? I live in Fl and that sounds like another good oportunity!
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    Represent - whats your background

    Re: Represent Why would you decline Miami ARTCC?? Thats where want to end up!! Is there a reason? I just don't want to end up at a horrible facility!
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    Geo Pref Question

    Thanks for the info Lawngnome! If I call them who should I ask for? I just want to call them and let them know I am interested (more for Miami) and let them know I have experience since I went through Navy ATC A School (but never got real experience just schooling and a pink card). Would you...
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    I am interested in the Enroute option some where in Florida but I was wondering does anyone know what facilities would be available under this option?? 06/30/2008 - PUBNAT4 09/11/2008 - AT-SAT date (Well Qualified) 11/26/2008 - Geo pref email for PUBNAT4 Currently - Waiting... again...
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    Geo Pref Question

    I just got my geo pref and I have until Tues dec 9 to change it but I was wondering if anyone knew what facilities are available in Florida for the Enroute option.