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  1. Mike_Golf

    MCAS Cherry Point, NC

    Does anyone have any intel on the latest Cherry Point ad? That is, is that payscale correct?? If so, how??? If not, what is the REAL scale???? Is it up/down or just tower with RFC function????? Lastly, and probably most importantly, is it already spoken for or up for grabs?????? TIA MG
  2. Mike_Golf

    Dobbins Announcement

    Anyone here with 411 on Dobbins slot? Is that a straight up RADAR slot, up/down or office slot (e.g automation, TERPS, etc.)? Also, is it an arranged marriage?? ;)
  3. Mike_Golf

    NAS Oceana Info

    If you are currently or recently stationed at NAS Oceana (as an ATCer, of course) could you hit me up through pm, please, thank you.
  4. Mike_Golf

    DoD Swap (Southwest for East Coast)

    Any DoD controllers out there on the eastern seaboard by chance looking to move to the southwest?? Branch of service doesn't matter to me, just GS-12 facility (or higher). I am at a DoD facility in southern AZ and looking to move my family back east. Southern AZ is a beautiful place (well, to...
  5. Mike_Golf

    Hunter Army Airfield

    Is there anyone here that's currently employed at Hunter AAF at Ft Stewart, GA? Just looking to get some general info on the place and possible/future openings. Many thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
  6. Mike_Golf

    McGuire RAPCON

    Anyone know whom the hiring authority is for McGuire RAPCON?