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    The three dreaded letters. Been hearing rumors of such a thing happening in the new year. Saying CTI isn't providing the FAA enough "Diversity". Bull crap if you ask me. And discrimination in itself. Anyone have some insight?
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    Why 3 years for ATSAT retake

    Why is it that everyone can retake the AT-SAT after one year except CTI people? We have to wait 3 years. And yes I understand its the government, but does anyone have any kind of logical realy answer for why they have done that? And if you don't believe me that its 3 years for CTI's, then...
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    Next Panel

    Congrats to all that have been selected and will get a TOL. So when is the next panel? I have heard March, and in some rumors May? Anybody have any normal unreliable information to fill this thread??
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    Panel Information

    So when do you generally hear an offer or any kind of information that you were selected from the panel?