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    Senator Murray Asks Foxx About the Hiring Process

    This is awesome! This must be the first congressional person I have seen to look into this. I have responded to her with great thanks! I hope you all do the same.
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    Comparison of BQ Answers

    Is there anyway to see what the ppl who were eligble put down on the BQ? And on the other end see what ppl put down that got them not eligible?
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    The three dreaded letters. Been hearing rumors of such a thing happening in the new year. Saying CTI isn't providing the FAA enough "Diversity". Bull crap if you ask me. And discrimination in itself. Anyone have some insight?
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    In desperate need of some guidance

    This is actually fantastic advice. I went the CTI route and look back and wish that I had done this. They will teach you for free and when you come out you can go to school for business or something on GI bill. Just make sure you get a good enough ASVAB score and talk with a recruiter
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    Potential Job while you wait

    Am I missing the point or does this website seem overly....ummm.... awkward? Doesn't seem real to me lol
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    No more WQ or Q

    How many times did you spell check before you posted? Hmmmmm??? 3?
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    New regions?

    I think there is confusion with what they are planning to go with for picking your "region". The service areas are 3 areas spliting the US into thirds. And the NAS regions are those which rich123 ^ referenced above. I do not know what they plan on using, but the impression that I got was they...
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    No At-sat in the fall

    No. Whats funny is a school will say anything to get their students to shut up and try to feel good. Regardless of what they take away from the telcon.
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    Got DUI in between TOL and FOL

    After reading all of this, I had many thoughts that I have wanted to share. Some regarding the DUI and some regarding how Thunder is a bag of poop. But all I can really say now after seeing these random odd posts is: Phillyman2633........You are a very strange person
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    Just Curious

    Wow I have never heard anything like this before. Honestly it's has been off the radar at least a year.
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    AT-CTI Fact or Fiction

    Thanks Mr. Craft! You rock! We appreciate the honesty and willingness to get the real truth to us.
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    Air National Guard ?

    Also another question. I apologize in advance if this is already answered. ANG vs AF reserves? I ultimately would like to end up in the FAA. If I sign up for ANG am I committed for years of full time? I read a post similar to that question earlier to this post, but I still don't understand the...
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    Air National Guard ?

    Is there any new updated information regarding ANG now a days? Things change so I was just wondering if its still the same as previously read.
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    Oct 2012 CTI rejection email

    1st of all its a election year. FAA is trying to get their budget under raps ( example. The stuff that's been going on with raytheon a contract the past months ). They were only planning on hiring around 100 this panel. Either they cancelled the panel totally or they will only fill the slots...
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    Hiring Issue?

    hiring numbers are going to be low this panel. Due to budget