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  1. ATCMarine84


    Haven't found a lick of info. on the place and testing the waters to see if anyone on here knows anything. Talked to the manager there yesterday and my ERR to there sounded promising but who knows if that will pan out. I know it's a 6 up/down. If anyone knows someone there to get in contact...
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    Hey everyone, First, congrats to all the new people that recently got their TOLs. That's great stuff. Now, I didn't find any thread on the ERR topic so if I missed it I apologize. I just wanted to see or hear anybody else's ERR stories or experience. I'm personally starting to get frustrated...
  3. ATCMarine84

    02/14/2012 rtf

    Alright boys and girls done with tower and on to RTF... who'll be with me? Thinking of two different places to stay but would like to see where the majority of the class will be.... GO PACK!
  4. ATCMarine84

    St. Cloud, MN

    Been away for while ladies and gents but I'm officially on Terminal Leave and I just got the word I start at St. Cloud, MN on Dec. 13th!! Anyone in the area or anyone been in that area? places to see, visit, eat at, you know the drill. I'm thrilled considering home is only 6 hours away in...
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    The Observation Post, 29 Palms, CA

    Make sure to check out the picture and caption on the right hand side. The Observation Post > Observation Post > News > KC130-T unit arrives to support Black Sea Rotational Force
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    Got the interview offer letter on Thursday the 9th, replied that day... got another e-mail on the 12th stating I'll be contacted for the interview in a few weeks, still waiting. I realize this takes time just looking to see who else is still waiting and who has theirs scheduled and who has...
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    Just received my TOL for Wisconsin!... Hoping to see this for many others so please update and let everyone know.:multi:
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    Hiring Questions

    Hey Everyone, Been on here now for a while and I've gotten some great information but wanted to just come out and ask some questions. As of today I am exactly one year from being out of the Marines and available to the ATC civilian world. I realize I'm still a bit far out but my questions...