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  1. Cirrus12

    11/2013 nest

    Anyone else waiting to hear the results from this?
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    Fac Rep Directory?

    Is there one out there? I thought I remembered seeing one once but can't find it now. I'm trying to track down the BGR rep.
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    I am a training failure who is about to be reviewed by the NEST. I've gotten some conflicting information. The EMP 1.14a says that if you fail at 2 consecutive facilities (this is #2 first a center now a lvl 6 tower) the only option is termination. I have been told that, that is not NATCA's...
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    MG's August Update

    The purpose of the updates are to keep you informed and to let you know that we are aware of your status and as soon as we have an Academy class date, or an update to your hiring status, we will contact you via e-mail/phone. The following are HR Specialist's contacts and the regions they...
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    Solar Highways of the future

    Solar Roadways - A Real Solution It's a pretty cool idea. Solar panel roads, highways, and parking lots. If they can pull this off it has a huge amount of potential.
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    Having only one eye

    Just a random thought I had. Can you still control if you've lost an eye? I think one of the main issues is a loss of depth perseption, but you're dealing with a 2D computer screen.
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    Who's still hanging around?

    Just wondering who's still waiting for a class date and from which PUB.
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    So, my cousin is getting married this summer. She's been bouncing around for weeks/months trying to figure out where and when. Found out last night she finally decided on a date. July 1st. At first, it appears to be just any other date, then I start to think about it. 07-01-2010...or 7110...
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    Pilots surveyed about ATC

    Came across this blog post earlier today. Looks as though he survery a bunch of pilots about ATC and got some interesting results. One person said controllers should be paid double what they are currently getting. Av8rdan's World of Flying
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    S. 1451 Date

    I've heard lots about it, but I can't seem to find an estimate as to when the vote on it will be. Any idea when that'll happen?
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    World's Youngest Controller;topic=7176.0;attach=3316 Listen to this clip.
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    FAQs from MG in FAA HR at OKC's MMAC

    I couldn't think of any more acronyms to throw in title Got this email today. As I stated last month, I am going to try to keep everyone up-to-date on any changes or try to answer some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please let me know. 1. I am turning age 31...
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    Associate Membership

    Someone in another thread mentioned free NATCA pocket calendars. I then proceeded to make a joke about how I wanted to sign up to get the calendar even though I still have yet to get an academy date. (While that was a joke, if you want to send me a NATCA calendar or t shirt, I'd be ok with...
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    Kim's Place and Shuttles

    I know there aren't any now. I was wondering if there was a possibility of FAA shuttles at Kim's Place in the future.
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    Diabetes Waiver

    Diabetes is probably going to be in my future. Both my parents and one of my grandparents have it. I've heard waivers mentioned several times on the site. What do you need to be able to get a waiver?
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    Security Clearance Decision Maker

    My understanding was that your clearance is determined by FAA Security in whatever region that you're working in. I sent off an email yesterday to my contact here asking for an update and I got this reply, "Unfortunately, we (the New England Region) are still waiting for the Human Resource...
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    List of Meds that aren't FAA approved.

    I recently had to go through the appeals process for my medical clearance because I told them that I used to take cyclobenzaprine. This got me thinking, what else can't I take? I'm really fine with just the occassional Tylenol, but my Dr suggested methocarbamol when I told him I couldn't take...
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    There's been a little debate on here between myself and Lunchbox. I thought I would open this up to everyone and see where everyone stands. Cheetos: Crunchy or Puff? I realize this probably belongs in the Off-Topic section. If this could be left here for a few days before being moved...
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    Scientists Discover Cure for Color Blindness

    Scientists Discover Cure for Color Blindness - Vision -