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  1. Niagra19

    Moving to facility by way of OKC

    For those of you who live/lived in a different city that the facility you were chosen for, how will/did you go about moving? I need my gainful employment in Phoenix until I go to OKC and then will be moving to Seattle after. It is definitely a logistical headache and I would appreciate hearing...
  2. Niagra19

    Medical/Security refresh for unconfirmed class date

    Hey, is anyone else out there working on a Medical/Security refresh of an unconfirmed class date?? I have been informed my "actual date is set of early this FY12" and I am currently slotted for a date after Jan 2012, but nothing more specific. I will be doing enroute w/basics. I received my...
  3. Niagra19

    Geo Prefrences on Application DO matter for PUBNATs

    Fair warning to ALL!! I applied for PUBNAT 5,6, & 7. On the original application I had a section where I could put 10 Geographical Preferences, some people say they had 5. I was told all along that these did NOT matter for PUBNATs. That PUBNATs receive an email for their Geo Prefs and that...
  4. Niagra19

    For all those going to ZSE (Seattle Center)

    Alright, it looks like there are a few of us headed up to the great Northwest. (hallelujah! I am getting out of the flippin' desert!!! The FAA gods do like me) Who all there is coming with me to ZSE??
  5. Niagra19

    Semi-Interesting Reading RE Hiring

    Thought I would share what I stumbled across for those who have not already seen it
  6. Niagra19

    Need Help! CFI renewal

    So I'm sitting here working on my CFI renewal online. 16 hours of studying fun!! Anyways I came across a paragraph I just can wrap my brain around. Someone please help me figure out wtf they are talking about. Dont use the words "clear prop"?????? "The beginning student pilot is entering a...
  7. Niagra19

    Vision Correction Surgery

    I was asked once during a battery of questions for my pilot first class medical examination if I had had corrective eye surgery. I had not, but I was told that this was a disqualifying factor. Are any or all types of vision correction surgery a disqualifying factor for pilots? for air...
  8. Niagra19

    Combining PUBNATs

    This may have been discussed in other threads, but I can seem to find it. So we know they combined P3 and P4 for the Jan panel. Has anyone who applied for both P3 and P4 received 2 offers? (I am sure the answer is no, but I have to ask) If not, does that mean that anyone who applied for both...
  9. Niagra19

    ASAP page down??

    I've been trying to log onto the FAA ASAP page all day and all I get is: ASAP_Applicant error '800a9c68' Application-defined or object-defined error /asap/Default.asp, line 13 Just trying to figure out if the page is down or if its user error.:confused: Is anyone else having the same problem?
  10. Niagra19


    I know there is quite a bit posted from the patient applicants of PUBNATs1-4. I thought I would start a thread for all those PUBNAT5 applicants (like myself). Per the trends and a call I made to OKC, the list for AT-SAT tests for PUBNAT5 should be generated any day now. If anyone has...
  11. Niagra19

    Brand new! Pubnat 5, 6, ...

    Hey All, I was so excited to stumble across this forum today. I have been patiently waiting to hear something since I put in for PUBNAT5 almost 2 months ago. Problem is that everyone who I try and share my excitement with either has no idea what I'm saying or has no interest in the ATC...