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  1. MrJBGibson

    Pray for FLL

    It was a tragic day today and just hoping everyone is in prayer and a great job by the controllers at FLL
  2. MrJBGibson

    List of Hiring Facilities?

    This may seem lazy because I love stuckmic more than anywhere else for answers SO... is there a way of knowing which facilities are hiring for terminal and or enroute in the US ?? I ask because I'm engaged , I Took my ATSA and either way it'll be bittersweet to find out if I'm moving forward -...
  3. MrJBGibson

    Just Took ATSA - Keep the Faith!!

    My fellow ATC obsessors, I took the ATSA today and if anyone has ANY questions that haven't already been answered through forums or STUCKMIC; PLEASE contact me! Be prepared to take an extremely attentive exam testing your apptitude, orientation to WILD and scattered detail and OUTSTANDING memory...
  4. MrJBGibson

    After PASSING THE ATSA, Academy ETA???

    I'm selected for the new ATSA - anyone have any ideas on an academy date after passing the exam?
  5. MrJBGibson

    JAN-MAR - Anyone Been DENIED???

    JAN-MAR TERMINAL - has anyone gotten DENIED? I'm still waiting on my call.. I keep seeing that everyone is gettin called and it's making me nervous! :/ I've got quite a messy background from a while ago but idk what's going on. I've done SO much to make it this far and comply with all they've...
  6. MrJBGibson

    Background Check Worrying Me

    I had some incidences about 5 years ago. Nothing no one hasn't really done in their life., I just learned the hard way.. That was many many years ago and adjudication was withheld given my career path. I'm worried that after all my hard work, being selected in this last panel to move forward and...
  7. MrJBGibson

    I'm So Lost..

    Ok., I was selected to take the ATSAT AGAIN after this past panel in February. I'm the only one I know out of everyone I know that got this email and test slot. Everyone else I know wasn't selected. Can anyone please tell me what this means? I have yet to call OK City about this but would also...