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    Comparison of BQ Answers

    Yeah, so pretty much the dude who collected all the responses now has a pretty package of surveys taken by people who both passed and didn't pass, but all we get to see is the results of BOTH groups added together? That's meaningless to me. Post the results separately for those who passed and...
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    Does anyone know when the next AT-SAT is?

    I agree, but affirmative action/EOE exists unfortunately and the government sure as hell isn't denying it. How long have you been waiting to get picked up, and did you get WQ? I personally know a bunch of white guys who got WQ and have been waiting forever to get picked up, while a minority...
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    ATSAT on for april 9-19

    New York --scheduled to take mine Wednesday April 17 at the Hilton JFK.
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    Does anyone know when the next AT-SAT is?

    Yeah, not to be blunt but if you're caucasian/male you will have little chance of getting hired if they do start off-the-street public hiring back up again--no matter how you perform on the test. It helps a tiny amount to be female in this industry, and double helps to be an ethnic/racial...