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    PER DIEM Tax

    Is per diem pay considered taxable? I did not receive a 1099 but I have received my w2
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    Amount of Time a Day for study

    How many hours a day are most people devoting to studying? And how long on the weekends. Just asking so I can possibly arrange a sitter
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    Looking for housing. 8/1/18 arrival. 8/2/18 enroute class date. Prefer single room. Please PM me your best prices.
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    Isolla Bella Questions

    Few questions. I’m sure they are answered in prior posts but I’d prefer updated answers if able :) 1. Is electrical included? 2. Anyone know the price of single person in a 1BR. I’d prefer not to share as the wife and baby will be coming to visit 3. Are the updated rooms decent-nice? I’ve read...
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    Enroute Placement

    As far as facility placement goes. What is everyone seeing offered in their classes? Trying to decide if I should risk coming. I can’t move the family due certain reasons. I live in Memphis and hoping to get ZME. Thanks in advance everyone