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    ZAE Map

    Last I heard (from a guy who went through okc in April 15'), students no longer have to draw out the ZAE map. It's now an online test. Can someone confirm from one of the latest courses?
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    What Centers Are Short Staffed?

    Anyone have any idea what centers are short-staffed? Also, recent academy grads: what options have you been given for center?
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    Reserves/guard Faa Facility Placement

    Say you are in the AF reserves. Does the FAA try to place you (OTS hire) near your base?
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    Why Have Washout Rates Gone Up at the Academy?

    It seems washout rates at the academy are up compared to a couple of years ago. Has the academy actually gotten harder or is it the lack of experience/knowledge/aptitude among the OTS new-hires that's causing the wash-out rate to go up? I have not read that the academy has actually changed it's...
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    Are Any New Hires Going Straight to a TRACON?

    Or strictly just tower (or up down) or center?
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    AF Guarantee ATC

    Are there any recruiters offering a guarantee of ATC when signing with the AF? I've called several in Mn and no luck. I've wanted to do this a long time and if the FAA doesn't work out in March, I would really like to go AF atc.
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    How long does non radar training last?

    Just curious to see how long the non-radar portion of training lasts. I've read it's 14% of your grade. Also, are the evals for non radar something you have seen before or a totally new problem?
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    ATC or Air Force

    I can't make a decision on this crucial life altering choice! I am a junior in college that will be set to graduate May 2012 with an ATC degree. Do I wait it out for the chance of being picked up by the FAA or do I enter ROTC, go to school for two more years and earn a commission in the...
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    Wake turbulence

    A few questions I have. In the 7110.65, it states the following wake turbulence separation: Aircraft landing behind another aircraft on the same runway: Small behind large- 4 miles, small behind B757- 5 miles, small behind heavy- 6 miles. Also, it states to separate aircraft operating directly...
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    When will hiring pick up?

    After talking with controllers, some say that at certain facilities, over half of the controllers are elgible to retire within in a year. Despite the recent hiring slowdowns, what do you expect to be the year for hiring to revamp with the FAA? I've got plenty of time to wait, just don't want to...
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    Internships other than annoucements

    Is it possible that there are any internships other than those in the annoucements for the summer?