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    What is differences between Tracon and Center?

    DO NOT start out at a high level TRACON, especially without any prior experience. Even that doesn't guarantee success (lots of people with experience washed out at C90, or so I've been told.) I spent my entire FAA career at ZAU - no way in hell I would have ever gone to C90, especially for the...
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    Northwest Airlines Pilots Miss Airport by 150 miles

    I'm surprised this story is getting so much coverage compared to the Delta that landed on a taxiway at ATL. So much more could have gone wrong had another a/c been on the taxiway.
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    Controllers and marriages

    And it goes both ways too. Would a guy give up a night of drinking with his friends to take care of you when you're sick? This isn't even a gender issue, more of just being a decent person. I've seen my brother pass up a lot of truly nice women back in his 20s (not supermodel types, but cute...
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    Controllers and marriages

    Retired controller from ZAU here. I can attest to almost everything that's been said. I've seen lots of marriages (and remarriages) fail at my facility over the years. Lots of it has to do with stress/the schedule etc, but I've also seen people make stupid decisions when it comes to choosing a...
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    Chicago Center - ZAU

    I spent my entire career as a controller (for the FAA) at ZAU. The last few years before retiring were almost unbearable. I couldn't imagine being a controller for the FAA again, and no way in hell would I do it for a 30% pay cut. I've observed most trainees are overlooking little things that...