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    Recent Terminal Placement List from OKC?

    i know a couple of us here on SM are dying to see a recent terminal placement list from okc. Can anyone share one with us? i know it changes often and unlikely we will get the same list.
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    Anyone Got Offered a Terminal Basics Class Recently?

    wrong section
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    I just completed everything for the March OTS bid (terminal), and waiting for a class date. After reading the forums, it seems like terminal trainees will only get up to a level 8 facility, most of those facilities are tower. I really want to do radar bc I was a radar controller in the AF. 4 out...
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    Question for Those with Changed Class Date

    Hi all I'm wondering if somehow you are unable to go to the academy on the selected dates, can you call the hr and ask them to give u a different date? I read somewhere on here that u could, I just want to make sure it is possible.
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    My Enemies on 10 February 2014

    Who's all applying on this site?
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    Any VRA Panels After 15 Jan 2013?

    Doesn't seem like it after reading the forums. Anyone got an idea on when the next one should start? Aside from the 10th February bidding for everyone.
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    Race and Ethnicity?

    I heard from a co-worker who heard from his son's teacher's friend who is a minority works for the FAA that you have a better chance of getting picked up just for being a minority. I did do some research on here, can't really find a for sure answer . Is this true?
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    Really Need Some Advice! Will a CTI Increase My Chance of Getting into the FAA?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about getting a CTI at UND but I'm not sure if it will be beneficial for me to get hired. I'm a radar controller at a pretty busy rapcon in the Air Force. I just hit my 3 yr mark for my enlistment, I know I'll be getting out after my enlistment and apply for the FAA...