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  1. flybyfive

    Getting Out

    Dude don't forget going to school... you do it right, you can work on your degree while making some $ through the Post 9/11 GI bill till you figure out ATC jobs. Good luck
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    About your only option is to apply to one of the contracts to teach ATC at the Army schoolhouse. Pretty much all contract companies will smack you down. TAIS, FF isn't actual ATC experience
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    Noise Abatement

    Doing a paper regarding the reduction of noise abatement for areas surrounding airports. What are some actions your tower/facility has taken to mitigate noise for surrounding areas, IE speed reductions, runway use, sound insulation, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    What's the point in sending soldiers overseas with no training? I read AR 95-2, under controller certification: (1) Upon assignment to a tactical unit, all controllers not holding a previous ATCS/CTO installation facility rating should receive a special duty assignment to a local installation...
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    I was a 15Q in an Adam cell. Tried to get back to Rucker for a CTO at one of the stage fields, tried to deploy with an AOB too. Tried hard to figure out why the Army hasn't transitioned to training their soldiers for in theater operations. Most Army dudes I know got their facility rating in OEF...
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    Foggy, maybe you can help me. Why has the Army shifted from using soldiers to staff towers and ARAC's to contractors?
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    2013 VRA Eligibility

    I'd be so pissed if that were true. That's horse shit to those that have actually gone down range or spent time on active duty. I called HR to verify, time spent in tech school and BCT DO NOT COUNT.
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    NATCA Email Mentions the Flawed BQ Process

    Great info. Thanks for sharing
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    Well Looks Like Time for Plan B

    Finishing up ROTC and commission into AD Army. My grades should be good enough to start flight school.. This whole process was/is a joke. Keep applying in the mean time but who knows what the future holds
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    Prior service E-5 going to Rucker

    I wish I had an Army ATC day to miss
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    Does Anyone Know If...

    Visit their office. Easiest way to contact one. You'll call for weeks and never hear anything
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    Application Status Update

    In tu caron NY! (Spanish for, in your face)
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    After Not Being Selected.

    Right. Two years of school, 4 year commitment would put him right around 29
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    After Not Being Selected.

    Another option is to become an officer in the AF doing ATC. Decent pay, and you'd be in charge of airfield ops. Decent back up plan if ATC doesn't pan out
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    Application Status Update

    Where are they getting these numbers? The bid hasn't even closed. No one knows exactly
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    Applicant Demographics for 2014 Announcement

    1. Highest level of education: AAS general studies, working on BA in aviation admin 2. Are you a CTI graduate, VRA w/CTO, VRA w/52 weeks ATC, blah blah? No 3. Number years of work experience and type of experience: 2 years ATC National Guard, no facility rating. 7 years combined work...
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    Getting Out of the Air Force

    Good ol military. Getting mad over nothing