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  1. flybyfive

    Noise Abatement

    Doing a paper regarding the reduction of noise abatement for areas surrounding airports. What are some actions your tower/facility has taken to mitigate noise for surrounding areas, IE speed reductions, runway use, sound insulation, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. flybyfive

    Tuition Assistance Cancelled

    Got an email this morning: The Secretary of the Army has approved the suspension of Tuition Assistance effective 5 p.m. (Eastern Time) on March 8, 2013. Soldiers will no longer be permitted to submit new requests for Tuition Assistance. However, Soldiers currently enrolled in courses approved...
  3. flybyfive

    Vaughn AAS course outline

    I'm looking at doing Vaughn's online CTI degree, but cannot get an answer from the VA rep or the admissions counselor about whether or not all the classes for a two year degree are offered online. What are the semester costs for online courses? I have talked to two different counselors, each...
  4. flybyfive

    Is it worth asking...

    I am currently in the ARNG. I am looking to get into tower to get my CTO, but have been told it will be some time before I get tdy'd to get it. I'm sure this had been asked before, but is it possible to visit a FCT and volunteer to get on their training program and do it for free on my off time...
  5. flybyfive

    Kuwait ATC

    Does anyone know if Udari is contract still? Looking for info about base and living conditions, thanks
  6. flybyfive

    CTI degree while in military

    Trying to find info on which CTI school to attend while trying to get my CTO. Has anyone transferred their military schoolhouse training to a college? Also, which colleges are military friendly? Tried to do some research on this topic but there didn't seem to be a whole lot. Thanks in advance
  7. flybyfive

    Kosovo ATC

    Anybody been to Kosovo on deployment or civilian? Any info would be great, weather, living conditions etc.
  8. flybyfive

    Timeframe for a CTO overseas

    I'm trying to volunteer for a deployment overseas. (ARNG) Time frame for getting a CTO overseas in Afghanistan? Former or current Army controllers would help a lot
  9. flybyfive

    Question for Guard members

    I just joined the Army NG, had a question regarding applications for government jobs (including and not including the FAA). I put on my app I am a military member. If they come offering a job, am I required to tell them about me leaving for basic training during the interview? Reason for asking...
  10. flybyfive

    New military member

    Hey y'all. Been part of the site for a few months, asking questions and getting some great (and not so great) answers. I enlisted Army National Guard this year, leave for basic early 2012. Yes, I know, the tactical helo runners. I love this country, and excited to play soldier every month.
  11. flybyfive

    Question for Air Force guys

    I was talking to a customer that comes into my work (currently employed at a sales job), he works at the TRACON near my hometown. He was Air Force, I asked him where he was rated and what quals he got. He was telling me that he wants to retire from the FAA and work contract towers, but can't...
  12. flybyfive

    Secret Clearance question

    I filled out my SF-86 to the best of my memory, however after returning home, my wife reminded me of a 60$ parking ticket that went to collections (long story). I marked no that I had never received a judgement or went past 90 days on paying a bill. I'm wondering if I'll be able to mitigate this...
  13. flybyfive

    Army ATC (15Q)

    Hey yall, About a month ago I posted I was looking into an ANG ATC position in Wyoming. That slot was filled, and there is at least a 1 year wait to get into that particular unit. My Army guard recruiter called me yesterday, and has an Army ATC slot open now. My unit would not have an airfield...
  14. flybyfive

    Joining ANG

    Hey yall, new to the site. I'm currently in the process of securing an ATC slot in Cheyenne WY. I was curious regarding the Guards CTO process, if they even have one up there? Can't wait, and looking forward to the future. Thanks in advance