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    I don't know. That's why I need to contact them.
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    Uh... I didn't get selected. My application read that I selected NO on 52 weeks on control experience and NO on willing to accept any location. I totally didn't select NO on either of those questions. I also attached my CTO, Pink Card, and my resume which clearly states I have over six years...
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    Any Military Controllers Make It?

    Six years of experience in the Navy. Holding a CTO for over two years, Radar Final Controller Cert., PALS Final Controller Cert., Radar Data Asst., Clearance Delivery, Flight Planning Supervisor, and even a Operations Duty Officer. Big ole nope from the FAA.
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    Pink Card Info

    My Pink Card indicates that I am TOWER rated and was labeled as such as soon as I was qualified Local Control.
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    Question About ATC Experience

    I tried to do back to back shore duty in Spring 2012 and got denied with every single request. Detailer emailed me and told me to pick a sea command. So, I've been on the wonderful CVN 75 for a year and a half now! It so much fun putting the aircraft on the line every hour at night time!!! Sike...
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    USAJobs Question

    The resume that received from somebody that got picked up FAA had VRA in the header. I removed it from my resume to apply for recent DOD applications as well as a contract tower job application out of Atlanta.
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    Norfolk Chambers NGU

    Bazinga! I've heard the same shit atcfris has been posting.
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    Point Mugu

    You don't have to get in good with the DOD controller there, you just have to have an idea of how to do your job. Kenny was cool as :p:p:p:p, but couldn't cut it on CD after a very long period of training. I trained Kenny personally while I was there. ACCS Garcia is pretty cool as well. He...
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    Georgia ATC

    Coming from a facility that employed DOD controllers for manning, I've never heard of any DOD controllers going to the FAA academy for their employment. From past experience, DOD hires per facility needs and trains up OJT.
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    Point Mugu KNTD

    I was stationed at NTD from July 2008 until May 2012. When I checked out there were a total of 8 DOD controllers if I'm not missing anybody. A few months before I left we had a new civilian come in to control. He had a bid in WY and then saw an opening for NTD and applied. He told me that he...