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    Credit Union

    Do any controllers on here use a credit union that is specifically for controllers, FAA or govt employees? Looking for one with low interest loans for houses.
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    Anyone at ILG or FXE?

    Looking to see if anyone is at or has insight on fort Lauderdale executive airport or New castle county airport. I pick facilities on Monday and i am going back and forth betweem the 2. Thanks
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    Hotel Instead of Housing

    Has anyone stayed at a hotel in okc recently? I remember someone making a post about how they stayed in a hotel while in training and racked up the hotel points/rewards.
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    06/22/2016 Terminal Basics

    Anyone else with this date?
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    Terminal Placement

    Has anyone been through the academy lately that can share what facilities they were offered recently for Terminal
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    Dr Chien

    Is dr Chien 100% legit guys? Has anyone used him?
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    July 2016 PTOL'S

    I agree the other thread is clustered with useless post that i dont have time to read through everday. If your projected training is for july 2016 post here. This will allow us to keep track of our group and progress, thanks. Terminal here Ptol received 9/11 List of stuckmic members with...
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    Will taking accuatane before being hired, pose any problem for my future medical as and Air traffic controller?
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    Car accident

    I was in a fender bender a few months ago, and went to the ER just to make sure i was ok. I was discharged right after with whip lash and given a perscription for i think 10 vicodens for pain. I went to the chiropractor for 3 months for massages and muscle therapy. I never took or was perscribed...
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    Air traffic controller falls asleep at Reagan airport

    Wowww did you really just give away your job like that dude? and tower's are overstaffed? Washington (CNN) -- The air traffic controller suspended for failing to respond to two planes heading into Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport has told investigators that he had fallen asleep...
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    Referral list March panels!!

    Referral List Status • Referrals are based on submitted questionnaire at time of referral. • Referral list FA-AAC-11-38821: Issued on 02/22/2011 for the Throughout Florida, Florida duty location at (the) FG-1 grade/payband. Your application is among those being reviewed by the office with...
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    Referral List Updates

    Just wondering... im seeing that my pub8 status has been updated for the referral list but my CTI announcement still has the same stays message from march saying i wasn't selected, is this going to change?
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    10 Jobs With Great Return on Investment

    10 Jobs With Great Return on Investment Liz Wolgemuth, On Thursday April 15, 2010, 12:24 pm EDT A college degree was once a kind of insurance against high tides of unemployment, but this downturn took plenty of white collar, degree-necessary jobs with it. What's more, it's no longer a given...
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    # aac-amh-09-cti-12655

    Referral Status Referrals are based on submitted questionnaire at time of referral. Does anyone know what this means specifically??? Does it mean your application is not fully completed??
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    FAA emails?

    Does anyone have an email to the FAA or FAA employement directly??