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    Speak Out Against ATC Privatization

    I have no doubt that the ERR MOU will come to an end. As well as a lot of the movement that doesn't benefit the ATC Corp. Do you think they will gladly shell out money for years of re-training? Lateral moves? Going from a 12 to a 9 and saving pay? Eventually those things will probably disappear.
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    Speak Out Against ATC Privatization

    You think you will have stability for the next 5-10 years with privatization? That's kinda funny. It will take that long to be implemented, everything changed over, seats to be filled and then refilled when needed etc. Changes will be made constantly during the infant years.
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    2nd Chance to Be a Controller

    All I know is there are a lot of CTI graduates that were told it was necessary to get in the agency if you weren't a military controller, my aged out brother with a CTI degree included. I'm sure if you look through the forums you will find their posts about what a joke CTI is and their feelings...
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    Leaving ATC As a Whole

    Since work doesn't seem very challenging for you I would rather stay in the job and go to school during nights etc. Granted I wouldn't have access to the GI bill for funding lol. I would imagine that would give you a good understanding of what you're leaving behind and where you're headed.
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    2nd Chance to Be a Controller

    While this sounds great, to apply with prior experience you need 52 weeks of experience i believe. How long would it take for someone to achieve that much time working traffic as a part time guard controller? Is this something you are sharing with hopeful applicants? Or is this like the CTI...
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    Speak Out Against ATC Privatization

    Oh, interesting how PATCO can poll members about the decision to strike, but for NATCA to poll members over privatization is inconceivable....... Yes NATCA has given an "honorable mention" to the bill that would fix our funding without removing us from the FAA, but 99.9% of all media...
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    Help Passing the BIo Q

    I'm a CPC who has failed the Bio Q twice when taking it with my brother who was applying for shits and giggles. Good luck on this test, I have no idea what they are looking for. And my test did have the high school math question on it.
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    Trumps Air Traffic Control Initiative

    Ahh thought the first bill they introduced had two seats. Either way it's less of a vote. How many air traffic controller representatives are on SWA or UAL executive boards?
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    Trumps Air Traffic Control Initiative

    We went from 2 seats of 9, down to 1 of 13. Why have air traffic representatives on the air traffic corporation board, that would be dumb......
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    Trumps Air Traffic Control Initiative

    This is exactly how I see it. Just because the airline seats cannot be actively involved with an airline doesn't mean they won't be in their pocket. Four of nine seats is really close to being able to appoint any CEO they want, with a heavy background in airlines perhaps? One diamond class...
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    Trumps Air Traffic Control Initiative

    As I've told people before, my main concern for the privatization bill aside from wanting to stay government etc, is the airlines on the board. There is absolutely no reason for this. Every decision made, while not for the ATC Corp profit, will be for airline profit. It is a major conflict of...
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    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    Right now it pays out at 40% of what Annual does when you retire. They are talking of changing it to add % to your pension. If this is the case, to get a mere 1% you cannot take sick leave for almost 20 years. I will take the time off if they go to that system.
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    Well, Thanks Republican-voting Controllers!

    The corp might not be for profit, but the airlines had too many seats on the committee with the possibility of majority with an airline CEO. This means the company would be for profit. For airline profit. Everything they did at ATC corp would be for that sole purpose. Not safety of the NAS...
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    NEST Decision Timeline

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Anything in this job takes a while. My managers always seem to be under the impression that the longer it takes the better, that way you are still getting a paycheck while they deal with it. This allows you time to search out other avenues etc. But it...
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    Staying in a Camper at the Academy

    I was under the impression if you live within a certain distance from okc you will not be eligible for lodging per di. Wouldn't you have to change your address to someone (family maybe) who lives far enough away to take advantage of the per diem?
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    Open Positions?
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    Round 2 TOLs

    It would make sense. Same thing with the old location system. I want California, but Bill wants Washington and they reverse our order for no apparent reason lol. Same with the military. For the money and time it takes to get to a high level facility starting at a level 7 or below, it likely...
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    Round 2 TOLs

    Anyone successfully switched specialties this round? If anyone has enroute and wants terminal let me know and we can give it a whirl.
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    ERR MOU Change Campaign

    On the KSN website from an FAA computer.
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    SDL Vs. FFZ

    If you go to SDL you're a shoo-in for a DEN ATCT selection next!