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    The referral list was sent out on July 9th, 2018. I didn't receive notice of it until around the 20th of July, which is when it was updated on the AVIATOR website. This referral was For an AOV position though, which I'll definitely take if that bone is thrown my way. ... Hope everyone stopped...
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    New Announcement Up, Looks Like It's Only for Alaska.

    Sorry if someone posted this already and I missed it. There's an announcement up on USAJOBS for a temporary position at an FSS in Alaska. Closing on Sept. 11th. I thought I saw someone here trying to go to Alaska so this may be your chance.
  3. sevenup06

    Going to a University and Being a Controller..

    Does anyone have any experience with this? The problem I'm faced with is that I've got a total of nine years of free college education that I don't want to waste, but with the controller schedules that I'm seeing people posting with the 2-2-1 and the 2-1-2s and all that, it doesn't really seem...
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    Another Job Posting for Instructors at the FAA Academy..

    Hosted on linkedin.. Air Traffic Control Instructor (FAA Academy Tower and Terminal Radar) at Interim Solutions for Government (ISG) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area - Job | LinkedIn I guess this would mean that folks might be turning some gears after all this time?
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    Can Someone Tell Me..

    Whether or not, when creating my* resume for usajobs, I should upload my complete training records? I know about the pink card, CTO cards and ID, but also the records? I don't remember where I read that but someone mentioned it in the past and I wondered what the resolution was.. Thanks to...
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    Austin TX - AUS

    Good afternoon everyone, I was looking for a little information on Austin-Bergstrom, if there is anyone out there who's living in that area and/or has some information that wouldn't mind a PM from me, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help in advance! EDIT: I am aware that...