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  1. Eman1193

    Phone Call Today Headed to OKC

    March Panel, Phone call today by HR Rep locking me in at January 24 class date. Merrill Field Alaska.
  2. Eman1193

    Can you use GI bill while in training at your facility ?

    I heard from a few guys who I knew from the military that they actually got paid GI bill money while in training at the facility they were working at. I think it was only a portion of it a month but if I could get that extra money ! Why not ? Anyone know any truth to this ?
  3. Eman1193

    Email from HR about Facility Metering ?

    Hey all ! Just curious who else got the email from your HR rep saying they were expecting the 2012 facility metering list next week, and based off of that would be issuing out the firm offers to all of those waiting on class dates / FOL's.( All my Clearances have been in for over a week) """""...
  4. Eman1193

    Alaska March Panels

    Hey ! Just curious where everyone is in the process headed to Alaska. I got all my Pre Processing TOL stuff done, called my HR rep and I am in process of the Security being completed with Medical complete as of a week and a half ago. Is it realistic to hope for a 2011 Class date ? Let me...
  5. Eman1193

    Military Service Number

    Im doing my SF85, its asking me for my service/certificate number from the military. I am looking at my DD214 but see no such number.. where do I find this number ?
  6. Eman1193


    I am filling the job section out, I had a job for a few months a little over 6 years ago at Comair working as a ramp agent. I do not have all of the contact information ie phone numbers etc to give them or supervisors names. Should I just leave this job out or is it going to hurt me in the...
  7. Eman1193

    TOL just gives the state?

    I hear many of you guys actually knowing the facility you are headed too. Mine Just says Alaska Terminal. Does not give me an exact location. How do I figure that out ?
  8. Eman1193

    Does Everyone go to OKC first ?

    Hey guys, I am a veteran Air Traffic Controller. I have CTO and radar experience from a terminal facility while in the military. Will I still go to OKC and have to do all of the coursework ? Or is this for people from CTI schools etc... Just curious thanks for the information !
  9. Eman1193

    Interviewing Wednesday at CVG

    I got an email today setting up my interview at CVG for this wednesday, (March Panel), was selected under CTO Alaska bid. Starting to move along !
  10. Eman1193

    KBR flying me to texas tomorrow

    KBR sent me a job offer in Iraq... Im supposed to start processing monday, anyone else heading there sometime soon? Also what can I expect ? What are the conditions like in Iraq ? Also, I just got out of the Marines and they said I did not need to get an FAA flight physical as they would have an...