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    Mid Level Tracons

    Looks like ones I am interested in are pretty steady and constant all year. I would not like the ones that kick your ass a few times a year.
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    Payband and Raise Question

    Thanks, I’ll read over that, so basically it will be as if I never left.
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    Payband and Raise Question

    If you are at a level 7 for a while and get raises, then move to a 12, and are unsuccessful, and then go back to a 7. Do you get to go back to where you were in the payband, or back to the bottom of the 7 band? Hope this makes sense.
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    Mid Level Tracons

    Would a level 8 or 9 tracon, like BNA be a good starting facility to learn TRACON for a vfr tower controller?
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    03/13/2014 Tower

    Just tell them your dad is ill they will let you in
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    Yeah I won 25 million in the lottery.

    Yeah I won 25 million in the lottery.
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    Official email to interview?

    how long before we hear back after we respond to the first email. I reponded yesterday.
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    Medical Records

    Doc, I have been out of the Air Force since Dec 09. I then applied for a class II medical which I was approved for that was good for a year I assume. My question is do I have to get my medical records from the Air Force since I have not seen a doctor since my class II examination? What does the...
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    March 2011 Referral List!

    I am a 5 pt pref and I've made the list, but get turned down everytime. I have done networking heavily in the states I want to go. I have started a business so I am sure I will get it now that I am doing something else. HA HA
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    March 2011 Referral List!

    I'll be 31 in November
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    March 2011 Referral List!

    Got referred to NE and FL VRA. NY and TX CTO. This is my fourth and last shot.
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    CTI phone conference w/ FAA

    When has there been 4 panels in a year. That would be nice.
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    referal lists 2011

    I agree man. Lets hope they pick us up. This is my last chance!
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    VRA to FAA Transition Tips

    this needs to be taken down. it does not apply anymore whatsoever
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    FAA vs Contract towers???

    Then hang a fake nut sack on your used BMW
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    Pubnat 8 Not Selected

    I just looked it up and it says military. Man I am confused. Congratulations!
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    Pubnat 8 Not Selected

    I thought that was military? They told you this?