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    Payband and Raise Question

    If you are at a level 7 for a while and get raises, then move to a 12, and are unsuccessful, and then go back to a 7. Do you get to go back to where you were in the payband, or back to the bottom of the 7 band? Hope this makes sense.
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    Mid Level Tracons

    Would a level 8 or 9 tracon, like BNA be a good starting facility to learn TRACON for a vfr tower controller?
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    Medical Records

    Doc, I have been out of the Air Force since Dec 09. I then applied for a class II medical which I was approved for that was good for a year I assume. My question is do I have to get my medical records from the Air Force since I have not seen a doctor since my class II examination? What does the...
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    question about serco hiring process

    Anybody out there know the hiring process with Serco? If the ATM of a facility calls you and sets up a phone interview to last about an hour or so promising? Is it like the FAA, you get selected for an interview and your pretty much in? Am I still in competition with somee people or what? Thanks...
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    Check ASAP

    You should check your asap referral list status. iF you didn't get selected it probably updated.
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    When will wader get his email

    When will I see an email from the FAA NOV DEC NEVER your special ops experience does not count sucker!