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  1. Eman1193

    St. Thomas Tower - STT

    Wow, With The rest of the US locality and a 97 payband cap. The locality should be higher !
  2. Eman1193

    St. Thomas Tower - STT

    What is the Locality and COLA at St Thomas ? CIP ? Etc....
  3. Eman1193

    Gi Bill Each Month

    The certifying official here signs them the first of the month. Also you can submit the hour certification form monthly on the va gi bill ask a question portal instead of faxing it and your money is processed quicker. I was always paid before the 10th of the month last time I did it.
  4. Eman1193

    Fairbanks Intl ATCT/TRACON - FAI

    I don't know about fairbanks but We are understaffed at anchorage tracon so they threw a crap load of trainees our way. As it stands now we have 13 cpcs, 15 trainees, and 5 Temporary Duty Assignments. The trainees fight for an hour a day training time, the cpcs are all burnt out and trying to...
  5. Eman1193

    Merrill Field - MRI

    It was my first FAA facility and I really enjoyed it. Check out time is pretty quick as long as you get in before the summer to experience the pop. They close at 10 in the winter and 12 in the summer, no mids is nice. I also live in eagle river and I used to get to work in 15 minutes. Takes me...
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    Merrill Field - MRI

    I used to work at MRI, the staffing is down and they have a bid out now for FAA transfers.
  7. Eman1193

    A11-Anchorage Tracon

    Sorry jc I'm dragging my feet man!
  8. Eman1193

    A11-Anchorage Tracon

    TRACON is critically staffed, solid lvl 8 facility traffic wise. Recently downgraded from a 9.
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    Your not just erring and being done with it are you ? You need to sell yourself to the facility. Take a tour of the place your erring too, meet the natca rep at the facility, find out if anyone you know has connections to anyone who works there etc...
  10. Eman1193

    RTF Now Pass Fail (New Hires)

    They are making the Pvs now and restructuring the course. We have volunteers from our current rtf class running test runs on the new problems. If you come from the field you will be pass/pass and given a satisfactory, needs improvement, or unsatisfactory, and that will be sent to your manager...
  11. Eman1193

    Spring 2012: Alaska

    Cool ! If you have any questions about the area let me know.
  12. Eman1193

    Relocation Help?

    I didn't have a car at the time, sold my motorcycle though, not really much use for it in Alaska !
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    Relocation Help?

    I moved to anchorage from Kentucky two years ago, it's a big change and a costly move. Very expensive to rent too, I ended up selling everything i owned and started over up here. I was single though and fresh out of the military so I did not have much. I ended up buying a house after my first...
  14. Eman1193

    RTF PV Discussion

    Pass / Pass here now, new hires can fail the basics but rtf is still pass pass.
  15. Eman1193

    Spring 2012: Alaska

    Sounds good, Glad you got picked up since the last time we spoke at Merrill ! Hopefully you get to anchorage before the end of summer so you can enjoy an Alaskan summer.
  16. Eman1193

    Spring 2012: Alaska

    That would be me, are you still trying to get to the anchorage bowl ?
  17. Eman1193

    01/09/2014 rtf

    Re: 1/9/2014 RTF Class Just reserved Walnut Gardens for this class !
  18. Eman1193

    FAA Academy compared to USMC ATC school?

    This post made me laugh...
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    How Hard is It to Get into the FAA Right Now?

    I was hired on my first bid as vra, we are in a different pool than CTI students. We apply on a completely different bid, they will probably be hired fairly quickly with sequester ending. VRA controllers don't have to do the atsap. Most of us completed CTO exams and received pink card through...
  20. Eman1193

    Spring 2012: Alaska

    No, currently a CPC at Merrill Tower. Picked up on the last bid for current federal employees.