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  1. Kwik_Stix

    H.R. 915 - Reinstating old FAA contract

    H.r. 915 Aren't they voting on it like, right now? Any word?
  2. Kwik_Stix

    Anyone else going to RTF on the May 14th - June 10th dates?

    B/C I am, and I'd like to get to know some of the others going. Maybe find a roomate to split an apt with while I'm out there. -Cameron
  3. Kwik_Stix

    Hello from RDU

    Hello everyone, My name is Cameron, and I'm a controller at RDU. Just checked out on Local this past Friday and will be headed out to RTF on May 14th. Will have been in the Agency for 1 year on May 2nd. How is everybody? -CP