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  1. GBurgNupe

    Missouri MCI

    MCI - Facility Swap Request
  2. GBurgNupe

    Iowa CID

    CID - Facility Swap Request
  3. GBurgNupe

    Cedar Rapids - KCID

    Cedar Rapids needs people! Tower/Radar facility in Eastern Iowa (3hrs from Chicago) looking for people. Level 6, low cost of living. Send me a PM on here if you're serious. Lots of guys retiring soon, in need of new people via ERR. May have a bid coming soon.
  4. GBurgNupe

    CPC in CID

    Names Brian, from Washington, DC area. Been CPC at Cedar Rapids (lvl 6 up/down) since '08. Looking to bid/ERR back home to the East Coast. If anyone has any advice on East Coast facilities give me a shout!
  5. GBurgNupe

    MYR - Myrtle Beach Int'l

    Anyone have any hiring/inside info on this facility? I'm at KCID (Cedar Rapids, IA) a level 6 up/down. Looking to ERR or bid back to the east coast ASAP. CPC coming up on 2 years. Feel free to PM me with any suggestions/advice. BT
  6. GBurgNupe

    3330-43 definition of "Long Term Training"?

    Anybody else have this issue while filling out a bid or ERR? I'm in the process of ERRing to the East Coast and currently I'm getting differing opinions of what constitutes "long-term training" on the 3330-43 form (section 6). In particular whether or not our initial Academy time would count as...
  7. GBurgNupe

    Whats Up from Iowa

    Not really a newbie here, but wanted to greet everyone here. I got hired OTS in 2008 at KCID. Made full CPC in 2011, looking to head back to the East Coast
  8. GBurgNupe

    Sarasota Tower - SRQ

    Anyone know anything about this facility? I've been searching the forums here and have yet to find anything on it. Looking to ERR from IA to FL. Any info helps!
  9. GBurgNupe

    KBPT -Beaumont Tower

    Looking to possibly ERR here, not quite Houston, but I wouldn't mind being down there. Anyone have any info on the facility?
  10. GBurgNupe

    New Face in a New Place

    Hey everyone! This is Brian, CID's (Cedar Rapids, IA) newest face. Coming thru to say hello.....