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    11/4/19 Class Date

    *Correction: 11/5/2019 Class Date* Is anyone else in this Class Date? Just wanted to see who else is/where everyone is staying?
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    Housing for November 5th Class

    Hi All, Just got my FOL for the November 5th class date, and am trying to figure out housing. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I'm not brining my car, so ideally, would like to stay at a place that uses the shuttle service. Thanks in advance!
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    I Got Offered a Class Date!

    Hi All, I received an offer for the November 5th Class date, still waiting on the FOL but was told by HR it will be sent out in a few days. The is from the June 2018 Bid. Not sure where I'll be staying/if I am 100% going, as I recently took a new job back in April in FL. But will most likely...
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    Anyone Know When The FY 2020 Class Will Be Scheduled?

    Hey All, Just wondering if anyone has heard of when the FY 2020 class schedule will be starting? Got an email from HR for a reserved class spot for September 2019, but then received another email the same day saying the HR rep made a mistake, and there was no reserved spot for me and would...
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    2020 Yr. Academy Schedule

    Hey All, Was told by HR that my Class date was originally for September 2019, but then got another email that the HR rep. was wrong, and it wouldn't be until FY 2020, and would let me know when they receive the schedule for that. It's been a month since that message, anyone have any idea...
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    ATO Y2020 Schedule

    Hey all, So I'm curious if anyone experienced this. I emailed my HR rep about a status update on my application for the N90 specific bid that was announced back in June 2018. I told her I received my TOL in October, and was told all my clearances where cleared in the middle of January. She...