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    ERR MOU Change Campaign

    What new info?
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    New Contract

    Just me maybe, but I don't see the ERR MOU stipulations in the new contract. Can someone correct me? Does the MOU still stand, I thought it wouldn't after the ratification of the new contract.
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    Hardship Waiver

    In the Red Book, a hardship can only occur going to a facility no more than 3 levels up or down from your current one. Are there ANY waivers or exceptions to this that anyone has seen? My son has a medical issue we are going to request a transfer for. I have been trying to ERR to a facility...
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    New Announcement This Month

    To pair with that, I know the plan was to hire all qualified experienced ATC, however I don't know how that correlates with the huge amount of applicants. Again, I can only imagine there are an excessive amount of unqualified people who applied without reading the bid.
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    Is There Currently a Bid?

    Your OJTIs are going to love you.
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    New Announcement This Month

    Heard 7,000 applicants to this bid in the first week. Seems really high as it was an experienced ATC only bid but maybe there were quite a few people who mistook it for the OTS bid and applied anyway.
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    Advancing from ATC to Desk job

    Re: Is It Easy for Controllers to Advance to Desk Jobs? As an Air Force officer who sat in a office 8-12 hours a day wishing he was in the Tower/RAPCON, I can assure you, desk jobs are bad if you want to control.
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    Joining the Air Force

    Yes and no. I'm on terminal leave, headed to OKC.
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    Joining the Air Force

    Damn man that's the truth! I cant wait for an 8 hour day where I control all day. I know most AOFs suck at ATC, trust me I've seen them but I would consider myself above average. My favorite days were getting pro time. I would just hide in position all day. Cant wait to do this job and have...
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    Joining the Air Force

    Very true. Why do you think I'm headed to the FAA?
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    Joining the Air Force

    I am an officer who is going FAA. There are a few of us on these boards. Shoot me a pm if you have questions about commissioning, being an officer, and being a 13M (which is an Airfield Ops officer, not Command and Control like advertised.)
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    Longevity Raises

    Disregard, thank you for the reference!
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    Longevity Raises

    So I found the MOU online but it doesn't specify how that works. I would imagine it mirrors the GS system's Step increases. If that's the case I would be under the impression you would keep the raise as you made your way up the D-scale and into CPC. For example, if I'm a GS-10 step 3, and...
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    Longevity Raises

    Are our 1.6% longevity raises wiped out when moving to the next Developmental band? Does anyone have the actual MOU from the contract? I've heard both yes and no.
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    Skipping Air Traffic Basics?

    The only downside I would see is the extra 5 weeks at the academy. That's potentially 5 weeks you could've already been at your facility. Personally, I'd rather be 5 weeks closer to CPC than spend 5 extra optional weeks at the academy learning the difference between a prop, turbo prop, and...
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    What is Taught in Basics

    I'm VRA, so won't be attending basics, heading straight for Tower Cab. What is taught in basics, or to rephrase, where do we begin in Tower Cab? What assumptions do they have about what you know on day 1 starting Tower Cab? Is basics like a no-kidding, spoon fed, "This is what Air Traffic"...
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    Justice is Real

    Congrats NE! I thought you got a raw deal, good to hear things worked out.
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    Who else is Attending, Where Are You Staying?

    Who's your HR rep?
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    7/2/2014 Tower

    Who's your HR rep?
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    7/2/2014 Tower

    Did you get an FOL?