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  1. danielbfoster

    DFW Towers

    That's the plan.
  2. danielbfoster

    DFW Towers

    Does anyone upstairs wanna swap for downstairs (D10)? Let me know.
  3. danielbfoster

    Denver Tower - DEN

    Anyone at DEN looking to get out? I'm looking for facility swap. I am currently at DFW TRACON (D10). Hit me up if interested. Thanks.
  4. danielbfoster

    Facility swap

    Since we are posting to the fantasy thread...anyone from Denver wanna come to DFW TRACON (D10)? Thanks
  5. danielbfoster

    current atc's-introduce yourselves!

    Hey Knowlton- Are you over in Afghanistan with a Joe Reilly? He sent me an email about a Stacey Knowlton, I'm assuming it's you. He said you were a real jerk and I should kick you in the shin when I meet you. Just kidding, he said you were a good guy and a sharp controller. Look me up when...
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    every single vra i know has been picked up on the first or second referral. i agree something must be wrong with your app, not the fill in the blank stuff, but the actual meat and potatoes of your app. if i were you i'd rewrite my work experience and such because something just isn't right if...
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    Full Until Next Fiscal Year...

    Well Bryan if you were going to a big boy facility you wouldn't have to sit at the little kid's table and wait...:poke: For realz tho, I hope you get to the academy soon man, you'll be a huge asset to IAH.
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    Yo Mama ATC Challenge

    yo momma's so FAT they made her her own weight class and named it "DAMN!"
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    ATC Perks

    idk what he's talking about with the overtime, but i think he is referring to the tsp with the other. you can opt to invest a percentage of your pay in the thrift savings plan and the faa will match it up to 5%. it's the same as the military but with the added 5%.
  10. danielbfoster

    ATC Perks

    in the af most of the controllers were very close and we hung out/partied with one another any chance we could. i hear it's much different in the faa, especially at bigger facilities. but with the influx of young controllers staffing the atc facilties across the nation i would think now there...
  11. danielbfoster

    ATC Perks

    I don't know how long you've been removed from the military, or maybe you're not at all, but as late as a year ago they were still offering incentive rides to deserving controllers in 16's at the Air Force base I was stationed. They had reduced the number of rides given but still offered them...
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    those with class dates - how much notice?

    Just got my class date the other day, August 20th, so about 3 months notice.
  13. danielbfoster

    Security Clearance - Denial Report

    isn't that line the first think you learn when u actually do become a user..."trust me, i'm not a drug user, honestly." :innocent:
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    medical clearance delays...UPDATE

    i've been waiting since the first of march for the very same reason, didn't know about the doc being out til june though, thanks a million. :banghead:
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    CTO Training

    i think i know who you are talking about. he actually doesn't work in kansas anymore, he moved across the border to missouri and works with me at JLN.
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    Member of the Month profile...taking suggestions

    you do realize she's only proposing to do this monthly...yeah, i don't think we're going to hear everyone's sob story.
  17. danielbfoster

    Member of the Month profile...taking suggestions

    why would you want to hear that story again? if you've been on here long enough you've surely heard how awesome she is and how bad she's been screwed over.
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    yo mods...say hi!

    Hi. __________________
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    looking for some advice

    At least it would be a long wait with a paycheck. Or you could go back to working at wal-mart again while you wait to get picked up at the facility you want. doesn't seem like a hard decision to me, but it's not mine to make.
  20. danielbfoster

    looking for some advice

    If you are sure you're gonna get checked out in just a couple months I think it would be foolish to leave, for all the reasons listed above plus cpc pay at a lvl 11 ain't bad. Obvioulsy I'm not in your shoes and I'm not aware of all the factors involved, but again I think anyone could hack it...