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    Location Selection

    You're a tool
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    Passed Enroute at the Academy: Here's My Experience

    A week before the Radar Evals, you get a list of the available facilities. Then, based on how many people in your region pass, the facilities at the bottom of your list can drop off. Finally, you choose your facility based on your class rank compared to your classmates in the same region...
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    Academy Failures - Listen Up!

    My instructor played on his phone and did crosswords in between radar runs and taught us absolutely 0 unless we initiated the conversation and came up with scenarios ourselves (even then he would at most nod his head and act as if we were bothering him). He about got fired a couple times for...
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    San Juan CERAP - ZSU

    How are you sure it'll be available? Do you have to pick Western to get ZJU as an option?
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    Same enroute map?

    Is the map Aferggy posted on 12-11 the same map currently being used for En Route Training?
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    FAA Biodata Study

    Any ideas on why age on entry of duty plays such a role?
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    Tier 2 Physical

    And you've received your security clearance as well? What was your timeline like on the security portion, if you don't mind me asking.
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    I would agree with that start time. My security portion is going on a month now, and I was told it'd be another 2 months minimum till they'd have it completed.
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    If the FAA is in need of terminal people I wonder why some terminal folks are being switched to en route???
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    Any chance we receive any news today or are the weekends a good time to give my email a rest?
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    Pretty sure I saw the answer to this somewhere but now I can't find it, so my apologies. I received my TOL 10/30, had everything submitted 11/03. If I were to ask if I have been given conditional clearance should I email both medical and security POC or the HR rep that e-mailed me the TOL...
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    FEB OTS Bid Contacted For Employment

    On the pay tables, are you paid the maximum as soon as you reach CPC, or only after a certain number of years of experience? Thanks in advance for any responses!
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    After you get the number of your AME from your medical contact and set up an appointment, my Medical POC had me respond with a subject line "AUTH (insert date of appointment)". Then, in the body be sure to include the name of the facility where you're having it done, the address of said...
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    Someone in another thread said they spoke with HR and heard they would not be working today. Nonetheless I'll be hitting the refresh button in my e-mail nonstop like I have been for the better part of 2 weeks.
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    Congrats! That is great news!
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    So they said you had been cleared? When did you turn in your security paperwork?
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    I got my TOL last Thursday. I called AME Thursday and was told it'd be weeks till I could be seen. I set an appt., but asked if she would mind me calling every morning to see if there were any cancellations, the receptionist said that was fine. Sure enough I call the next morning and a...
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    Terminal Vs. En route

    Are en route controllers paid better than terminal? Sorry for so many questions, but I am grateful for those who have the knowledge and take the time to respond.
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    Terminal Vs. En route

    Any idea how much longer?