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    New York Center - ZNY

    Which ones in particular and what routes?
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    Whats the Craziest “how Did That Person Make It Through the Accademy” Academy Story.

    If you make it to the third eval, then they don’t want to see you fail. They know the number you need to graduate. If you demonstrate that you know what you’re doing and don’t completely screw up the problem and have multiple separation errors, then you should be fine. The first two runs are...
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    New York Center - ZNY

    The “pit” is a position in TMU that they’re using AGs to staff now. Since it’s going to be awhile before they start stage three, they keep them busy and bump them to D2. They review routes for nearly every departure leaving ZNY airspace (JFK, LGA, EWR, TEB, ISP, FRG, HPN, PHL, SWF, and all the...
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    ORK Norfolk Intl Info

    Not from ORF but I’m from Virginia Beach. Tourist season really only impacts the Oceanfront and the places near it (Virginia Aquarium, Ocean Breeze Water Park, etc.) It gets pretty busy down there from late May through early August. Traffic at the beach can be pretty bad during that time...
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    New York Center - ZNY

    I’m a current trainee at ZNY. In about five weeks or so, I’ll be looking for one or two roommates to share a three bedroom house for awhile. Rent would be cheaper than any basement apartment or one bedroom apartment. Recently renovated house on the North Shore, about thirty minutes from the...
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    Yes and yes.
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    ZNY Need Housing Advice/TMU Question

    There's a guy commuting from West Chester and there's been a handful of people who lived in Queens and made that commute everyday. Personally wouldn't want to do it. Depending on when you either got here or will be getting here, you'll wait for a couple of months before going to the Pit. All...
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    NEST Question

    Feel like if you wash with one or two R positions to go and you're at a level 12 facility, then maybe they could open up sending people to a lower level center or to an up/down.
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    New York TRACON - N90

    Which is absolutely insane.
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    New York TRACON - N90

    Wonder where all of that extra CIP is gonna come from
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    Staffing Levels

    Oakland is loaded up with trainees right now as is New York. It shouldn't be too long before New York shuts the doors for awhile.
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    Staffing Levels

    Guam has been showing up as an alternate on the placement list recently. You might not even have to make a specific request to get it. Why Guam?
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    Staffing Levels

    If the rumors are true, ZNY should be shutting the doors soon to AG's. Should have already happened with the type of backlog they have right now
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    Academy Leave of Abscence

    Just have her come to OKC. That's going to be the easiest and safest option for you.
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    Computers for Academy?

    Whatever disc he's talking about doesn't exist anymore. You'll be fine without a laptop. Everything you'll need is in the books and binders you'll get.
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    Recent Facility Offers

    The list looks like it opens up over the summer. The rotation of four ZNY and four ZOA should stop by time my class graduates in June. There's also a pretty big backlog going on at ZNY again so there's a slight chance they might go back to passing over those slots again here soon. There's...
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    03/23/2017 basics

    Instead of waiting on the per diem checks every month to turn around and pay for housing, they can bill the FAA directly and the FAA will use the housing portion of your per diem to cover the room. You'll still get a check every month with the food portion of the per diem but this way you arent...
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    03/23/2017 basics

    Lol what. I paid $0 up front and even checked in a day early. Unless you just didn't set up on the CBA (which I don't know why you wouldn't), then maybe.
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    03/08/17 Enroute Basics

    It's luck of the draw on if you get a nice room or not. Friend's apartment here looks like one of the recently renovated ones and is considerably nicer than mine. Granted, I can dry clothes in less than two hours in mine and my hot water is connected to the washer (unlike his and mine is pretty...
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    03/17/2017 Basics Enroute

    Currently at Isola Bella. What all do you wanna know?