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    11/30/2010 Enroute Basics

    Just got the drug refresh email for this class. Who's comin' with me? :)
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    FAA Hiring Practices For Air Traffic Controllers In Question

    Interesting. Thought I'd share it with yall. FAA Hiring Practices For Air Traffic Controllers In Question By Mike Mitchell April 6, 2010 - The Department of Transportation?s (DOT) Office of Inspector General issued their report on the Federal Aviation Administration?s (FAA's) policies...
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    Who is interviewing at ZJX?

    Who else is waiting to interview at ZJX...or has anyone already interviewed there? Im waiting on the call. Hoping it comes soon!
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    Sending College Transcripts

    Is it a good idea to send my college transcripts after I take the AT-SAT and before panels? I graduate with a BS in Communication in April and dont know if I should wait until then to send them or just go ahead and send them now. And where would I even send them?
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    Nervous about AT-SAT

    Hey guys! I am thrilled to have stumbled across this site. Its been really helpful and informative. I was wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom for the AT-SAT? I am taking the test a week from today (January 10) in Daytona Beach and I couldnt be more nervous! Its kind of funny...this is...