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    Natca seniority question

    The whole seniority system is messed up. It boggles the mind how they use your union date to compute seniority instead of your service comp date like every other federal job. If you are an FAA controller for 10 years and transfer to the DOD you have 10 years of seniority. If you are a DOD...
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    DoD Grissom ARB, IN

    There have been a few retirements at GUS over the last several months from the ATM down to the line controllers. I don't know what the posting was for cause I didn't see it but if it was for a GS-12 or above they filled the slot internally and will be following announcements for GS-11's as...
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    Indianapolis ARTCC - ZID

    what area are you in?
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    01/22/2013 enroute

    you're there already? I won't get in till sunday afternoon
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    01/22/2013 enroute

    Anyone else getting anxious? Just a few more days left.
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    Indianapolis ARTCC - ZID

    Got my FOL today. Class starts Jan 22nd.
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    01/22/2013 enroute

    Got my FOL today!!!
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    Who conducts interviews at ZFW?

    Why are you that worried about it? If it was a year ago the interviewer most likely forgot your name as well.
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    The Bar Opens Monday

    No worries, I won't be there for a month or so. Take your time.
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    01/22/2013 enroute

    Where is everyone staying at? I haven't decided yet but the fact that Isola Bella has a bar now has me thinking that's the place to be.
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    Enroute, how long is the wait?

    TOL Mar '11 Class date 1/22/13 going to ZID
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    Will do, should be Jan 20th or so.
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    Great Lakes Region Class dates

    Not everyone has a graduation date to go by.
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    Helicopter Performance Class

    Helos are Cat 1. Different distinction than weight class.
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    For now I guess. I was very surprised when I got the call. I damn near dropped my brand new phone when it said Oklahoma on the caller ID.
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    01/22/2013 enroute

    Your guess is as good as mine. I have no clue how any of this works.
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    The ZID list is moving. I've got a class for 22 Jan.
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    01/22/2013 enroute

    I didn't. So far it looks like ZAU, ZID and ZOB in this class. Am I missing any?
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    January-March Class dates

    KB called me today and offered me an enroute class date of 22 Jan but I turned it down because I have a golf trip that month. Just kidding, I took it.
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    01/22/2013 enroute

    I just go the call for this date today. Have to do a drug refresh and they said FOL wouldn't come for a week or better but I am one step closer to ZID.