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    Background check interview

    From my understanding you will only get that call if there was something wrong or if they felt you lied about something. If you didn't tell them about the repo that is as good as lying to them, or if you said you had 60 college credits when you only had 50 anything they feel like you might have...
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    December Bid

    Is the FAA still requiring the biographical or do you know? I am a retired ATC fro I90 and my niece wants to pursue an ATC job she and I am trying to help her, any ideas and info you can share would be great! Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on your TOL ! Tina Keeling retired ATC @ I90
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    Getting qualified at RVA

    I work for RVA after retiring from I90 and they give you 30 "working days" so assuming you only work 5 days per week it is longer than 30 calendar days. Also, I have heard that it is really "up to the manager" and the trainers, if you are close to certification and the trainers say you will...