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    Second Career Help For Retiring Controllers

    Unfortunately this way of thinking nearly doesn't exist with the newer controller workforce. It's crazy watching most of the people I work with and how they spend. Most of them, before even being checked out, are buying $300K-400K homes. I can't even guess how many $50K vehicles are in our...
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    Advice on CTI School

    If you are solely going to through a CTI program to become an Air Traffic Controller (why else would you go....not sure). The best CTI program is the one that's the cheapest and will get you through the quickest. I work with and trained with ATC's that were from nearly every CTI program and it...
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    Jacksonville Center - ZJX

    Does anyone know the current situation with staffing and upcoming retirements at ZJX? My facility (ZDV) is currently at almost a stand still with hiring through 2012 and with the possibility of a budget reduction for the next few years and about half of our current CPC's being forced out the...
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    Wash Out DEN

    They were bumped up to a 12 in 2008
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    Wash Out DEN

    The high washout rate you've heard of probably comes from D01 approach. I don't know an exact number, maybe 80% or somewhere around there. They washout people within a few months of training. That's the big leagues there. They demand gifted controllers and it's pretty easy to tell if a new...
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    Denver Center - ZDV

    Re: Denver Center ERAM training will not be complete until July at the earliest. The real problem is that ZDV keeps hiring trainees without having anywhere to put them. When training gets moving in July (hopefully) there will be a line of 70ish people waiting to get through. It will get better...
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    Denver Center - ZDV

    Re: Denver Center It doesn't take long to really do the map study and bookwork. Usually a day a week or so is spent refreshing yourself on what you already know. The rest is divided up into whatever you want. Read books, cards, workout, play Nintendo DS, and occasionally plug in and observe...
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    Denver Center - ZDV

    Re: Denver Center The training department at Denver Center is lacking. The top of the training dept has little interest in making the environment better. They are backed up with transitioning to ERAM and have hired more trainees then they can handle. If you walked in right now, expect to go...