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  1. 109DD

    2016 August Open Bid is Live

    that is because they don't grade it u til the bid closes. Everyone that fills it out fully and checks the box that asks if you are willing to relocate will get a green check mark for now. Just means everything they have requested has been filled out. The red "X" will appear a few weeks to a...
  2. 109DD

    Green Check? Post Here

    I know this is for people that had good news today... But.... RED ! 27 three times yes, 7 years as a line service tech with supervisor experience, 1 year ground security coordinator, aircraft dispatch license NO NO congrats to everyone that made it. I will wait til next time
  3. 109DD

    2152 MAR 23 BID OUT

    This is awesome.
  4. 109DD

    Irregular Heartbeat

    Ok thank you! I am fine with paying for it on my own. I am pretty sure my health insurance covers it all anyway because I have already done all those tests minus the nuclear stress test and everything was covered. It sucks that it will take longer, but I guess that can be expected. As long as I...
  5. 109DD

    Irregular Heartbeat

    So I went to the doctor back in October, and they gave me a 48 hour holter monitor. The results came back with PACs (Premature Atrial Contractions/Complexes), but the doctor said they were benign. She did say that they occurred frequently enough that she wanted to have me take a very low dose of...
  6. 109DD

    Any News?

    Last year, when someone marked something (such as no to the experience required, or no to willing to work anywhere in the U.S.) they automatically received an "ineligible" email. This did not mean that an actual person was going through all the applications. This may be the case here, where you...
  7. 109DD

    Anyone else As Excited As I Am for the Bid Coming Up in 2 Weeks?

    Haha yeah I'm excited as well, but unlike last year, im not going to count on it. I have 9 more weeks in my aircraft dispatch course... If I get picked up on this next bid I'll be elated... If I dont, I'll be bummed, but I have a back up plan! Good luck!
  8. 109DD

    2015 Hiring Announcement Rumor Mill

    So I asked this before the FEB 2014 bid, and nobody seemed to know which way to go with this. When attaching college transcripts to the USAJOBS resume/application, do we attach all transcripts from colleges we have attended? Or do we just attach the one we graduated from? I have gone to three...
  9. 109DD

    2015 Hiring Announcement Rumor Mill

    I answered it honestly last time, which is why I am worried now. But, I definitely don't need any red flags. If I'm not what they're looking for there's not really anything I can do about it. I'll just answer honestly again and pray for a miracle. Thanks for the advice. Good luck you guys
  10. 109DD

    Hiring Info

    There are two simulation sections one where you keep aircraft separated on a little radar screen, and one that is a conveyor belt with different colored letters that come down that you place into boxes along with answering random questions throughout the sim. But yes it is aviation related...
  11. 109DD

    2015 Hiring Announcement Rumor Mill

    So I have read that the bio-q has been altered and there are multiple versions this time around. But lets say we run into some of the same questions as last year. For those of us who failed it, we would want to answer differently than before because the answers to those particular questions were...
  12. 109DD

    New Air Traffic Control Hiring Rumor

    can't and don't give a shit when talking with people who run this forum in circles over and over again with CTI bull f*ck are two different things. I could capitalize, punctuate or use the return key if i cared to or when it really counts.. my point was that saying "i have this degree so life is...
  13. 109DD

    New Air Traffic Control Hiring Rumor

    im not trying to crap on your plan, but i work at an airport now, and have been there for 7 years. I can assure you that just because you have a CTI/aviation management degree does not mean you will be able to get a management job at an airport no matter the size. I have a business management...
  14. 109DD

    Irregular Heartbeat

    If someone has an irregular heartbeat, but was able to have it treated via ablation therapy to correct the issue, are they still able to pass the medical and work as an air traffic controller?
  15. 109DD

    Is It Hard to Have a Family in This Field?

    Id miss school plays and a whole lot more for this job.
  16. 109DD

    Heard Something.....

    not to be an a$$, but where is this information coming from? I have heard (from a very reliable source ) that another all sources bid will happen October 2014. This was giving me some hope that this time around I'd have a bit more luck.
  17. 109DD

    Missed the Deadline!!!

    so you are saying said cruise was forced upon you for work?