A Case For Isola Bella


Sep 22, 2017
I will start by confirming that some of what has been written previously is true. It is older, some of the interior is less than stellar, and the food is, at times, probably not as good as you're used to.


If you are serious about coming to OKC to leave with a job, Isola Bella is the best situation you can put yourself in, if for no other reason than the fact that a TON of ATC people, both developmentals and seasoned vets, live here. The community aspect cannot be overstated, as the people in classes ahead of you will be provide advice that is invaluable to your success, and in turn, we pass it on to those coming up behind us. People who come in from the field give you an idea of what to expect post-OKC, what their facility is like, etc. and can really answer any questions you have. People really have each other's back out here.

As far as IB as an apartment complex goes, the rooms are comfortable, practical, and provide everything you'll need for your stay here. I have had only one maintenance issue (burnt out bulb in the shower) and it was fixed within a day. Wifi has been consistent the whole time, while my classmates who live at Sonesta have not had it for months. The dining area is THERE when you need it (and you will need it on days when you hardly have time to do anything besides study), and they have started a grill on the weekends run by one of the courtesy patrol guys who is one of the NICEST people you will meet, and he's incredibly passionate about what he makes (and it's delicious, and even better, it's cheap).

The FAA study room has been essential to my success out here, as it has plenty of leftover materials from previous classes, a strip board for en route nonradar practice, and.. a thing I think is called a tabletop? for terminal people.

But best of all is the staff that run the welcome center. Michelle is the FAA coordinator here, and she does an incredible job of making sure we have everything we need to succeed. Jevonte, Brittanie, and Darren are the regulars you'll see up there, and they're always incredibly friendly and reliable. Cars are available to borrow when needed, and if you have any mail come in you weren't expecting, they'll let you know. You really can't find a better option in OKC when it comes to FAA housing. :)


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May 24, 2011
If this place ever gets real moderation I hope the first thing they do is ban any IB posts. Place is a total scam