Academy Books


Feb 17, 2015
Does anyone have any ILS concept books they're not using or don't want anymore? I've acquired some VOR and TACAN already.

I'm a USAF NAVAID's equipment specialist for the Regional Maintenance Center installing, modifying, and maintaining NAVAID's across the world for the USAF out of OKC - across town from the FAA MMAC. Another part of my job is training the constant influx of new military tech's that come to us. Unfortunately, I can't convince management to get me into the FAA academy. We teach purely by OJT, questionable equipment manuals, and old powerpoints/papers for theory and concepts. We have no engineers to draw knowledge from - they are more program managers. I would really like to see what you all teach and how you teach just to get a different perceptive. I'll cover shipping cost and something fair for your time to ship.