**Academy Carpool Thread**


Happy Camper
Aug 18, 2008
Congrats on making it to the academy guys/gals!

Use this thread to offer/search for carpools and rides to and from the academy should you be so interested.

Please keep the information simple and to the point so everyone searching/posting has as easy a time as possible finding a ride/passengers.

List your info in the following manner:

- type "LFR" for Looking for Ride or "LFP" for Looking for passengers.
-Housing complex you are staying at
-Class time (ie AM/PM or whatever times are relevant)
-Academy Dates
-How many seats you have available (if you are offering rides)
-How fast you drive (if you are offering rides)
-What kind of music you listen to while driving (if you are offering rides)

(yeah i added the last 2 for shi*'s and giggles.)

Best to keep carpools within your housing complex but whatever works works.


Academy Housing Provider
Apr 22, 2009
Oklahoma City, OK
There is a new bulletin board going up at Isola Bella that will have among other things car pool sign up. Maybe have a lonely hearts posting:)

Cheers, :cheers: