Nov 24, 2009
Did anyone else notice that LM removed all the performance metrics (queue times, etc.) from


Junior Member
Feb 19, 2009
I figured it was only a matter of time before they took the performance data off the website. It wouldn't make sense from a public relations standpoint since the performance has dropped quite noticeably since the layoffs and site closers this year. The AFSS site is really just a Public relations site. Public relations in my opinion is the act of distorting or withholding information to make a company or organization seem more favorable to the public. This is pretty much the unethical staple of corporate America and Lockheed is certainly no exception to this.

Its still the off season for flying so to speak. Once April comes around and traffic picks up I am curious, but also afraid of what is going to happen. We already had a preview one busy Saturday where the east coast went way down the tubes and the service level dropped well below 50%. 80% is passing as far as I understand.