Air National Guard 270th Air Traffic Control Squadron


Jun 24, 2009
To All:

1. My name is Daniel and I would like to invite you to view the attached briefings about the 270th Air Traffic Control Squadron, Oregon Air National Guard. We have job opportunities available in many different aviation related career fields. Some opportunities are full time, and some are part time / traditional guardsmen. We have many FAA and Contract controllers within our ranks.

2. I am a traditional guardsman/1 weekend a month, two weeks a year, and a Supervisor in the FAA. I got my experience from the Oregon Air National Guard, was a CPC at NORCAL TRACON and then moved on as a Supervisor at Hayward ATCT, and am now a Supervisor at Oakland ARTCC.

3. If you have any questions you can reply to this post which I will check periodically or you can email me at the below email, I will get back to you, and then put you in touch with a recruiter.
a. Captain Daniel Dierickx, Combat Airspace Officer

4. We are looking for motivated individuals who qualify for basic military service. If you have questions on what that means, please Google it. Prior ATC and or Aviation experience is not required for traditional positions. You can come straight off the street and enter into ATC training assuming you meet testing requirements.

Good luck and thanks for checking us out.


Mar 22, 2017
I am interested in doing guard ATC. Currently active duty, few months left. I noticed that Kingsley Airfield seems to pop up quite a bit on USAjobs. Do you happen to know why that is