Air NZ Fuel saving measures with ASPIRE

"The Aspire 1 flight brings together Air New Zealand, the Federal Aviation Administration and Airways New Zealand to demonstrate the advances being made in reducing aviation emissions in the Asia / South Pacific region, through a demonstration of the capabilities of the most advanced Air Navigation Services and Airline fuel optimization initiatives in current operation."

From the info site: Welcome Aboard!

News regarding the NZAA-KSFO ANZ flight initiative:

SAN FRANCISCO -- New Zealanders showed the Federal Aviation Administration a thing or two Friday about flying into the future.

Using new technologies and procedures on a flight from Auckland, Air New Zealand cut waiting time, trimmed flying time, saved 1,200 gallons of fuel, eliminated 30,000 pounds of harmful carbon emissions and took a quieter approach on arrival at San Francisco International Airport.

The flight could mark the first major step in altering the way airlines operate their planes, FAA and Air New Zealand representatives said.

"Today is just a great day for aviation," said Robert Sturgell, the FAA's acting administrator, who was on hand to greet the arrival of the regularly scheduled flight. "Clearly we're headed in the right direction."

Air New Zealand passengers take a ride on the 'perfect flight' - Los Angeles Times