Air Traffic Senarios Test at MEPS


Nov 4, 2019
I have a son who is a senior this year and has been working through the local USAF recruiter to secure an ATC billet after he graduates high school. My son has completed the ASVAB and the recruiter said it was good enough for ATC but that there was an Air Traffic Senarios Test that needed to be done at MEPS next.

The recruiter admitted he did not know much about the test besides it was difficult and he didn't know how to advise for study. I have done some reading here, talked with some current active duty USAF controllers, and searched the Internet for study prep tools and advice but I'm not coming up with much. It seems to be a fairly recent test.

My son has downloaded an app called "approach control" and is looking at ATSA study material offered by Is this a good direction for this test or is there a better plan out there?