Airway Transportation System Specialists FAQ

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Jun 11, 2008
Airway Transportation System Specialist/Electronic Technician FAQs

What are the qualification requirements?

Qualification requirements for Airway Transportation Systems Specialist/Electronic Technician positions.

How do I apply for these positions?

The announcement is open to the receipt of applications. If determined eligible, you will remain on the inventory for 1 year during which time you can be referred for employment consideration.

Who makes the decision on which individual to hire?

Selecting officials within the hiring region make the determination(s) based on their vacancy requirements.

What is the salary for these positions?

FAA's Airway Facilities Service adopted a new pay system for Airway Transportation System Specialist and Electronic Technician positions. Positions formerly at the FG-5/7/9 grade levels are now in the AF Specialized job category. See the vacancy announcement for current salaries. Eligibility for grade level/starting salary is based on length, level, and quality of specialized experience. Salary will also be adjusted to include locality pay based on the duty location of the position.

Is my eligibility good indefinitely?

Your eligibility for employment consideration is for 1 year. After your eligibility expires you may reapply as long as the announcement is open.

Will FAA train me?

Yes, training is provided based on specific work assignments.
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