Avoiding Bird Strikes - AOPA article


Aug 17, 2008
Just read this article on bird strikes - http://www.aopa.org/members/ftmag/article.cfm?article=885&WT.mc_id=091106eflight&WT.mc_sect=tips Pretty good one. Goes over the danger they pose, three things that draw them and the best ways to avoid them.

How about you? Are bird strikes a problem where you fly? At my home airport, Georgetown (GTU), I can't remember hearing an ATIS where we're not warned of bird activity. Buzzards are the biggest threat -- it's Texas -- but ther are a few others. Not sure what draws them to the area, since it doesn't seem to have any of the three attractions mentioned in the article, but even in my short double-digit hours there I've had to dodge several, especially on takeoff.