Background check interview


Mar 25, 2020
Toledo, Ohio
So I just got off the phone with an investigator for my background check. I was just wondering if this is part of the process that everyone has to do or was something wrong to where they needed an investigator. I had a car repossession around 4 years ago that I was able to get back and have been making payments on it ever since so that is up to date. I also had defaulted on student loans that I am making monthly rehab payments (remaining loan balance of $1,600) on so those are up to date. Nothing else. I guess I was just getting a little worried, that’s all. I was a best qualified pool 2 select..took the ATSA in October and completed everything required for my TOL and then I received an email stating that I need to conduct a background interview. If there’s any information you guys could give me, I’d gladly appreciate it! Thanks!