Bipolar Disorder


Feb 25, 2021
I have a friend who is about to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Let me preface by saying they have an extremely high stress job that’s equivalent to ATC (different stresses in different ways) and they function extremely well and are one of the top performing employees. It’s as if the stress of the job distracts the disorder if that makes sense? The only problem is it’s starting to affect their personal life when they have nothing to distract them.
They have been roughly evaluated by a primary doctor who said it’s likely they are bipolar. (They wrote anxiety on the chart so it’s not shown). They want to be evaluated by a psychiatrist and potentially go to therapy for it. (They don’t want medication because that makes the situation much more difficult)
They’ve read the FAA medical manual and it says bipolar disorder is “FAA DISCRETION”, implying it’s possible to be hired with the disorder, however everyone says it’s 100% disqualifying, no exceptions.

Is it possible to get hired with bipolar if they are in therapy for it, and have a work history of high stress job with fantastic performance? They are really struggling in their personal life and don’t want to choose between a career and their mental health. They’re however considering not getting evaluated so this job is not in jeopardy.