Burbank (KBUR) Class C Airspace


Jun 28, 2021
I'll be flying westbound from South Pasadena through the southern edge of Burbank (KBUR) Class C airspace. I'll be flying at 3,000 msl. I've drawn a red circle around an around I'd like to fly over. My question is: how should I make the call to Burbank approach if I want to just transition through their southern section, fly around that ground reference and then fly back out of that section southbound?

Should I call it this way:

Me: Burbank approach, Cessna 1234ML

Burbank approach: 1234ML altimeter 30.06 say request

Me: I'm located 10 miles southeast of the airport, 3000 feet, I'd like to transition through the southern portion of your class c airspace, westbound over Universal City,
then fly south to exit class c

Burbank: 1234ML radar contact squawk 4258, maintain 3000

Do I need to tell ATC all of that or just keep it short and say I just want to transition through their airspace?