Cardiovascular Dis-Qualifiers

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Aug 21, 2013
Hi, I recently graduated from a CTI school and passed well qualified on the ATSAT exam.

Something I did not find out about until year three was that there are a lot of cardiovascular disqualifiers and I may not be eligible to be a controller.

I've have had on and off atrial and ventricle fib for about 5 years. I've been to the hospital multiple times for it and have had to been cardioverted several times to get my heart out of the abnormal rhythms. Been on heart medicines like Rythmol, Diltiazem, and a couple other heavier ones that I can research the names of if someone wants.

Last year, I had an ablation surgery that was supposed to keep me out of these rhythms. I still go into them but my heart now mostly will let itself come out of the abnormal rhythm with no need to be shocked out, and I'm off heart meds at the moment (supposed to take Diltiazem as needed).

Are any of these things ringing a bell that I should start looking for a new career path?


The question is, can he get an ATC medical clearance.
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