Cincy routing.

chris scott

Apr 18, 2021
Bowling Green, KY
Hi folks,
I'm a pilot becoming active again. I once visited the approach controller at BNA and was fascinated with what he did. How do I sign up for that again?

Here's my second question:

As I get back to flying, one of my favorite trips is to the AF museum in Dayton. Used to go into Morraine air park, now looking at I19.


My direct route is smack dab through the middle of Cincinnati. I used to fly VFR just west of it's airspace. With all the traffic, I figured it best to talk to talk to you folks.

The usual response was:

"... radar contact, turn left heading 270, maintain ..."

And I wouldn't get a turn back for 15 minutes. So, for being a cooperative pilot, I get a routing penalty. I'm looking now at passing to the east, going into I19.

Anybody know the best way around or through Cincy?


Feb 11, 2016
No clue on the routing but expect heavy delays if you wanna visit a FAA facility. No tours due to covid. Maybe next year.

Edit: you can look on and then wiki then click the facility you want and the number is right there. Give em a call ass end of the year and see what's what.